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Go-to Eyelash Extension Glue (For All Season)

Are you a professional lash artist whose glue isn't working the way you wanted it to be because of high humidity? And are you looking for a glue that works well in high humidity? Are you in search of that glue that has a drying time that catches up with your swift application speed? Or maybe you’re a lash artist who’s recently moving up to a quicker pace and a 3-second glue has become too long of a drying time for you? 

If the answer to these questions is YES, then you’re in the right place to look for a glue, so you better keep reading! 

Without further ado, we’ll drop the bombshell, this glue is recommended for you! 

The Forabeli Pro Care Eyelash Extension Glue! 

What is Forabeli Pro Care? 

Forabeli Pro Care is a black pigmented glue with average fumes and a 1-2 second glue drying time that has been formulated to provide the best performance and excellent retention, designed for professional use by certified lash extension technicians.

It is great for lash artists who are getting quicker with their application speed, from an application of around 3-9 seconds, to 0.5-2 seconds per lash extension on natural lash.

Forabeli Pro Care’s retention can last at around 8 weeks when properly applied, with the right environment condition and other contributing factors. The best eyelash extension environment conditions are 70-74F (21-23C) temperature and RH 40-70% humidity. 

It also performs excellently in high humidity. As we know, eyelash extension glues dry quicker when humidity is high, depending on the percentage but a 0.5 to 1 second glue may dry as quick as 0.2 secs. For advanced lash artists, working with that drying time, retention may be compromised as the perfect bond of the glue to the extensions and natural lash has been missed. 

Forabeli Pro Care is the glue that will work for you! In high humidity, this is a great companion for advanced lash artists. Depending on the percentage of humidity, the 1 to 2 second drying time can dry perfectly for swift applications. There will be just enough time to adjust the extensions for a proper to perfect placement on the natural lash without missing out the perfect bond. 

So, what are you waiting for, give Forabeli Pro Care a try and let it change your lash game, for a beautiful life.

Application process with Forabeli Pro Care. 

When it comes to summer seasons, our lashes turn really oily because our sweat produces natural oil from our skin that can reach our eyes and affect lash retention. What your lashes will need is to be taken care of, keeping them strong, healthy, and fabulous, and for your extensions to be long lasting. This too applies to the lashes of our clients, and here we provide an application process that will keep their lashes strong, healthy, and fabulous while their extensions are long lasting. 


Step 1 is to lash bath your client’s lashes with Forabeli Lash Shampoo. Pump the lash shampoo on the lash brush and gently brush those lashes clean. Rinse the foam off and let the lashes rest till dry.

Step 2 is to prime those lashes with Forabeli Lash Primer. Use two micro swabs with a drop of the lash primer, one micro swab goes over the lashes, the other under the lashes. Let them gently touch in between the lashes till dirt and oil are removed. Rinse well and let the lashes dry. 

Step 3 is to apply the lash extensions. Prepare the lashes and Forabeli Pro Care. Dip the lashes properly, and get the perfect amount of glue and perfectly apply those extensions on the natural lash. Repeat the process till the set is well done. 

Step 4 is to use the Forabeli Max Solution as a bonder. Dip a micro swab in the Max Solution bottle then lightly press onto the lash base and in between the lashes where the adhesive is on. Let it sit for at least 3 minutes until completely dry. 

Step 5 is definitely to take a picture of your lash set!

With all that being said, and with you applying them to your lash set, expect an impressive length of retention! 

Forabeli Pro Care, for a beautiful life!